Things I like: Fran’s Chocolates


To be honest, “like” is an understatement.  It would just be a little weird if I were to wax poetic about how much I *love* Fran’s Chocolates.  I was first introduced to Fran’s when my brother-in-law and his wife moved to Seattle almost a decade ago.  Courtney would put together these amazingly packaged and incredibly gorgeous Pacific Northwest food baskets around the holidays, and Fran’s Peppermint Truffles were a mainstay.  Needless to say, the day the food basket arrived on our front porch was always a very happy day in our household.

Everything about a Fran’s chocolate is perfection, and it all starts with the packaging, which is sophisticated and complimented by a gorgeous satin ribbon.  Just getting a box of Fran’s feels like a special occasion!  The chocolates themselves are smooth and delectable and it is very clear that the folks at Fran’s pay attention to every last detail – from gold leaf, to oolong fragment, to chocolate swirl.

Why am I telling you about Fran’s now?  Valentine’s Day is coming and you don’t want to miss your chance to special order your loved ones these chocolates!!  All I can say is move over Godiva, there’s a new chocolate in town!



Things I like: dua Belibis

IMG_3580-2 copy

Okay, so it’s a little unfair to write about dua Belibis because unless you live in a major metropolitan area, you probably aren’t going to find it at your local Asian grocery store.  That said you can order it on Amazon, and if you are a fan of things sweet and spicy, I strongly recommend that you do!  My good friend, Tita, who is from Indonesia, first introduced me to dua Belibis.  When she moved back to Jakarta, she gave us her stash – and we couldn’t be more grateful.  dua Belibis tastes like a sweeter version of ketchup backed up with a serious kick.  A little goes a long way, which is  a good thing when these little bottles of red gold are so hard to come by if you live in the U.S.  In Indonesia, however, Tita reports dua Belibis is EVERYWHERE – in little packets at fast food joints, in every family’s pantry, and in every market.  Shawn puts it on everything he would have put ketchup on previously: eggs, mashed potatoes, pierogies…you get the idea.  I like it on shrimp crackers best.

Try it – I know you’ll like it!

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