Hi.  My name is Alicia Kenaley and I am a food-loving home cook and working mom.  I adore cooking – I love the smells, the sounds, the process of creating something delicious to enjoy and share with others.  I’m fairly certain this love of all things food and cooking came from my mother, who is fearless in the kitchen and has a way with food.

I live with my husband (Shawn), son (Liam), and daughter (Mairenn), who with me put the “SLAM” in “SLAM’n”.  We’re really fortunate to live in Ithaca, NY where we have access to great local farms and wineries.

On top of cooking I love my son’s crooked smile, my daughter’s mischievous eyes, and my husband for cleaning up after I cook, even when it’s disastrously messy.



  1. Yeah, Alicia! I am so excited about your blog! I’m looking forward to all your postings! Yeah–again!

    Susan L.

  2. Jan Burton says:

    You go girl, you are indeed from good cooking stock. Will be fun to follow your blog. Jan

  3. Congratulations Alicia! Beautiful photos and blog!

  4. Great about the author Mom

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

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